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Grade K

Unit A: Looking at Plants and Animals
Unit B: Where Plants and Animals Live
Unit C: Looking at Earth
Unit D: Looking at the Sky
Unit E: Observing Objects
Unit F: Things That Move

Grade 1

Unit A: Plants, Animals, and People
Chapter 1: Plants
Chapter 2: Animals
Chapter 3: People
Unit B: Living Things and Where They Live
Chapter 4: living Things
Chapter 5: Where Plants and Animals live
Unit C: Earth, Our Home
Chapter 6: Looking at Our Earth
Chapter 7: Caring for Our Earth
Unit D: Weather and the Sky
Chapter 8: Weather and Seasons
Chapter 9: Changes in the Sky
Unit E: Describing Matter
Chapter 10: Observing Objects
Chapter 11: Changes in Matter
Unit F: Energy Sources and Motion
Chapter 12: Heat, Light, and Sound
Chapter 13: Moving Faster and Slower

Grade 2

Unit A: Plants and Animals
Chapter 1: Plants Are living Things
Chapter 2: Animals Are living Things
Chapter 3: Animal Life Cycles
Unit B: Environments and Energy
Chapter 4: Environments
Chapter 5: Energy Needs
Unit C: Treasures From Earth
Chapter 6: Rocks, Soils, and Fossils
Chapter 7: Using and Saving Resources
Unit D: Patterns in the Sky
Chapter 8: Weather Patterns
Chapter 9: Motions in the Sky
Unit E: Matter and Energy
Chapter 10: Comparing Matter
Chapter 11: Making Sound
Unit F: Motion and Forces
Chapter 12: Objects in Motion
Chapter 13: Magnets

Grade 3

Unit A: How Living Things Function
Chapter 1: Parts of Plants
Chapter 2: Classifying Animals
Chapter 3: living Things Grow and Reproduce
Unit B: Living Things in Their Environment
Chapter 4: Survival of living Things
Chapter 5: Food Chains
Unit C: Earth's Surface
Chapter 6: Earth's Crust
Chapter 7: Protecting Earth's Resources
Unit D: The Earth in Space
Chapter 8: Patterns in Earth's Atmosphere
Chapter 9: Our Solar System
Chapter 10: Cycles and Patterns in Space
Unit E: Matter
Chapter 11: Matter Changes
Chapter 12: Mixtures
Unit F: Energy and Change
Chapter 13: Forms of Energy
Chapter 14: Heat and Light
Chapter 15: Force and Motion

Grade 4

Unit A: Organization of Living Things
Chapter 1: Life Processes
Chapter 2: Human Body Systems
Chapter 3: Life Cycles
Chapter 4: Responding to the Environment
Unit B: Ecosystems
Chapter 5: Parts of Ecosystems
Chapter 6: Matter and Energy in Ecosystems
Chapter 7: Adaptation and Extinction
Unit C: The Solid Earth
Chapter 8: Forces that Shape Earth's Surface
Chapter 9: Managing Earth's Resources
Unit D: The Atmosphere and Beyond
Chapter 10: Using Weather Data
Chapter 11: Looking at the Universe
Unit E: The Nature of Matter
Chapter 12: Properties of Matter
Chapter 13: How Matter Changes
Unit F: Energy and Motion
Chapter 14: Energy Changes
Chapter 15: Electricity and Magnetism
Chapter 16: Motion and Machines

Grade 5

Unit A: The Life Processes
Chapter 1: Cells
Chapter 2: Plant Systems
Chapter 3: Traits of Living Things
Unit B: Interactions Among Living Things
Chapter 4: Ecosystems, Communities, and Biomes
Chapter 5: Life in Ecosystems
Unit C: Earth Systems
Chapter 6: Earth's Changing Surface
Chapter 7: Earth's Structure
Chapter 8: Using Resources Wisely
Unit D: Atmosphere and Solar System
Chapter 9: Weather and Climate
Chapter 10: Motions Within the Solar System
Chapter 11: Exploring Space
Unit E: Kinds of Matter
Chapter 12: Structure of Matter
Chapter 13: Observing Matter
Chapter 14: Changes of State
Unit F: Forms of Energy
Chapter 15: Forces, Motion, and Work
Chapter 16: Energy and Waves
Chapter 17: Temperature and Heat
Chapter 18: Electrical Energy

Grade 6

Unit A: Continuity of Life
Chapter 1: Classifying Organisms
Chapter 2: Cell Structure and Function
Chapter 3: Reproduction and Heredity
Chapter 4: Change Over Time
Unit B: The Changing Environment
Chapter 5: Cycles in the Biosphere
Chapter 6: Earth's Ecosystems
Chapter 7: Populations
Unit C: The Dynamic Earth
Chapter 8: The Rock Cycle
Chapter 9: The Dynamic Earth
Chapter 10: Earth's Energy Resources
Unit D: Earth in the Universe
Chapter 11: Global Weather Systems
Chapter 12: Earth, Moon, and Sun
Chapter 13: The Solar System and Beyond
Unit E: Matter and Its Properties
Chapter 14: Composition of Matter
Chapter 15: Physical and Chemical Changes
Unit F: Energy, Forces, and Motion
Chapter 16: Energy
Chapter 17: Light and Its Properties
Chapter 18: Electricity and Magnetism
Chapter 19: Motion, Gravity, and Work