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Mildred Pitts Walter

Portrait of Mildred Pitts Walter

Mildred Pitts Walter led a colorful and varied life even before she became a children's book author. In 1940, she became the first member of her family to go to college. After finishing college, she moved to California and became a teacher. There she met and married Earl Walter. Mildred Walter became active in organizations that fought for civil rights for African Americans. Her husband was her partner in activism until his death in 1965.

Walter became a regular book reviewer for the Los Angeles Times. She noticed that there were few books about African Americans, especially for children. When she asked a publisher to publish more books about African Americans, he asked her to write them. That's how Walter's career as a children's book writer was born. Walter now lives and writes in Denver, Colorado.

Mildred Pitts Walter says, "I believe my characters have those values and traits which make them capable of attacking problems that require extraordinary courage…. I hope that young people who come in contact with these characters will find friends who will help them increase their courage to act for change; and that they, like their newfound friends, will choose their causes with care. May they understand that we are not what we say. We are what we do."

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