Meet the Illustrator

Stephanie Garcia

Portrait of Stephanie Garcia

As a toddler, Stephanie Garcia loved to play with the "neat machines and metals" that her father kept in the garage. Then, Garcia says, "when I was about three and a half years old, my parents grew tired of repainting the living room walls and cleaning furniture that I had made murals on. My father made a workshop for me in the den. He built a mini-workbench that was just my size and set up all my favorite working tools and toys." At this workbench, Garcia was free to create as much as she pleased.

When Garcia reached high school, her real art education began. "I wanted to see more interesting images in the books that I was asked to read in school," she recalls. She became an artist to try to create such images. Much of Garcia's work includes three-dimensional objects. After she sketches plans for a new piece, she says, "I then begin carpentry work based on the sketch. I build a structure about twice the size of the [final] artwork." After arranging items within the structure, she reduces its size for the final piece.

Much of Stephanie Garcia's work is done while she is merely thinking. After she reads a manuscript, she sets it aside for a day or two before rereading it. Then she uses word association to discover what objects and ideas various words in the story make her think of. From there, her imagination takes hold, and her artwork begins.

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    (written by Tony Johnston)
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    (written by Gary Soto)