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The Writing Process

These five steps are called the Writing Process. Follow the steps to write a report.

1. Prewriting

Step one is to choose the subject of your report. Then make a list of the facts that will be in the report. Fill a word web with the facts.

Tip: Who will hear or read your report? Pick a subject that people will like to learn about.

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2. Drafting

Step two is to write your report. Write your ideas. Add details.

Tip: In a draft, do not worry about mistakes. Just keep writing.

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3. Revising

Step three is making the report better. Reread your report. Add important or interesting details. Take out details that do not belong.

Tip: You can add words to make things clearer. You can take out words that do not belong.

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4. Proofreading

Check your report. Fix any mistakes. Begin each sentence with a capital letter. Check your spelling. Be sure that each sentence ends with the correct mark.

Tip: As you read your report, circle words you need to fix or check in a dictionary.

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5. Publishing

The last step is sharing your final report.

Tip: Think about who will read your report. Think about the best way to share the report with your readers.