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  1. Find It
    The map shows United States growth throughout the 1800s. Click on the Louisiana Purchase in the Legend. Which river forms the eastern border of the Louisiana Purchase?
  2. List It
    Which major cities existed in 1850 on land gained through the Mexican Cession?
  3. Create It
    Draw a timeline based on the information in the map. Make sure every date shown in the Legend is clearly labeled on your timeline.
Learn More About It

The United States did not always own all of the land that makes up the country today. Much of the nation's land, such as Florida, Texas, and Oregon, was once owned by other countries. These countries included Mexico, Spain, France, and Great Britain. Through discussions, treaties, and sometimes war with these countries, the United States gained large amounts of territory. Today, the United States spreads from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts of North America.
Check Your Answers
  1. The Mississippi River.
  2. San Francisco and Salt Lake City.
  3. The following dates and events should be labeled on your timeline: 1783 United States; 1803 Louisiana Purchase; 1810, 1813 West Florida Annexation; 1818 Red River Cession; 1819 East Florida; 1842 Webster Ashburton Treaty; 1845 Texas Annexation; 1846 Oregon Territory; 1848 Mexican Cession; and 1853 Gadsden Purchase.