Meet the Author

Betsy Maestro

Betsy Maestro was born in Brooklyn, New York. Most of her childhood was spent in New York City, in a house filled with books. It was then that she grew to love books and reading.

Before she became a writer, Betsy Maestro taught kindergarten and first grade. The best part of the school day for her was story time, when she could share her favorite books with the class. She decided to try writing her own children's books after she met her husband, illustrator Giulio Maestro. Together, they have created many books. She writes the words, and he draws the pictures.

Betsy Maestro believes that writers should always edit their own work and then ask someone else to look it over. "Your editor can be your teacher, one of your parents, an older brother or sister, or someone in your class who is a good writer. Your editor will see your work differently from the way you see it, so you will get a new point of view."

  • Today, Betsy and Giulio Maestro live in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Their house used to be a barn. It overlooks a salt marsh that is visited by many water birds.
  • The Maestros like to travel, and they sometimes do research for their books on their trips. They also enjoy talking to students when they visit schools and libraries.

Other Books Written by Betsy Maestro

  • Big City Port
    (written with Ellen DelVecchio; illustrated by Giulio Maestro)
  • The Story of Money
    (illustrated by Giulio Maestro)
  • The Story of the Statue of Liberty
    (illustrated by Giulio Maestro)
  • Take a Look at Snakes
    (illustrated by Giulio Maestro)
  • Taxi: A Book of City Words
    (illustrated by Giulio Maestro)