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Jasmine Plummer went to Disney World last week. Plummer, an 11-year-old girl who started playing football on the streets of suburban Chicago, did much more than just visit the Magic Kingdom. She made history as the first female quarterback in the 56th Annual Pop Warner Super Bowl.

Although Plummer's team, the Harvey Colts, lost in the semifinals of the Junior Pee Wee division, she was greeted by the media, including reporters from ESPN and NBC, who were all anxious to meet the accomplished girl who lists wrestling as her second favorite sport.

USA Football's Shawn Moore, a 1990 Heisman finalist and former Denver Broncos quarterback, met with the honor student and was impressed with Plummer's athletic ability, as well as her poise.

"Jasmine showed incredible maturity both on and off the field," said Moore.

Plummer's ability to throw a tight spiral as well as place the ball in her receivers' hands did not go unnoticed.

"I think Jasmine showed tremendous speed and agility," said Moore. "As I stood next to three former NFL players, I saw her make several throws, and we all looked at each other in awe because the ball was so incredibly placed and well thrown."

Reprinted by permission of USA Football.