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State Facts

Full Name

State of New Mexico

Admitted to the Union (Rank)

January 6, 1912 (47th)

Population 2000 (Rank)

1,819,046 (36th)

Land Area (Rank)

121,356 square miles; 314,309 square kilometers (5th)


Santa Fe

Postal Abbreviation


State Nickname

Land of Enchantment


Crescit eundo (It grows as it goes)


“O Fair New Mexico” (music and words by Elizabeth Garrett)

State Symbols

  • Flower: Yucca
  • Tree: Pinon
  • Bird: Roadrunner
  • Gem: Turquoise
  • Animal: Black bear
  • Cookie: Bizcochito
  • Vegetables: Chili and frijol


  • Agriculture:
    • Cattle,
    • dairy products,
    • hay,
    • nursery stock,
    • chilies
  • Industry:
    • Electric equipment;
    • petroleum and coal products;
    • food processing;
    • printing and publishing;
    • stone, glass, and clay products;
    • tourism