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Author Letters

Dear North Carolina Educators and Colleagues,

Although my career in education has taken me in many directions, teaching has always remained my true passion. And with the greater demands on teachers these days, I believe teaching, as a profession, is more challenging than ever.

For these reasons, I was excited to help Houghton Mifflin develop a state-specific mathematics program that not only works for the students, but also responds to the needs of North Carolina teachers.

And I know we came up with some solutions you'll be happy with, such as

  • differentiated instruction built into every lesson so that students have the opportunity to do their best;
  • a strong emphasis on math vocabulary that builds a solid foundation of mathematics language and understanding early on;
  • an effective, four-tiered plan for test preparation that develops students' skills and builds confidence for test-taking success;
  • dynamic literature and real-world connections that give immediate meaning to math for your students.

With all of these built-in resources, plus a research base of more than 30 years, Houghton Mifflin Math will undoubtedly help you meet the rigorous demands of your classroom, district, and the state of North Carolina!

Miriam Leiva, Ph.D.
Director of MAThink and Project Excel MATH
Author of Houghton Mifflin Math