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Daily Lesson Planner

Ready for another incredible resource to help you with your lesson plans? Our Daily Lesson Plan book is available for grades 1–6 and includes annotated facsimiles of all practice pages and transparencies that accompany your lessons not only for Houghton Mifflin Reading, but also for Houghton Mifflin English, and Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary! Now, with all your resources in one book, planning and teaching language arts has never been easier!

Note: The Daily Lesson Plan you'll see below is excerpted from Grade 4, Theme 1. The practice pages are offered in PDF format. Please note that although we have not provided an answer key for this sample, answers are included in all Daily Lesson Plan books.

Theme 1, Selection 1, Akiak

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Day 1


checkboxTeacher Read Aloud

Paca and Beetle, 26A

checkboxPreparing to Read Akiak

checkboxReading Segment 1

Akiak, 28-41
  • Supporting Comprehension
  • Strategy Focus, 34

checkboxWrapping Up Segment 1, 41

Word Workz


  • Pretest, 57G
  • checkmarkInstruction: The soft a, hard a, soft e, and hard e Sounds, 57G
  • Take-Home Word List, Practice Book: Handbook, 409 HMR / PB HMSV / TRB

Writing and Language

checkboxDaily Language Practice, 57K HMR / T

checkboxGrammar Instruction


Journal Writing, 63

Georgia Standards

LA.4.2 LA.4.17* LA.4.25* LA.4.47*
LA.4.4 LA.4.20* LA.4.28* LA.4.65
LA.4.6 LA.4.24* LA.4.31* LA.4.66
  • * = QCC standards that support CRCT domains
  • checkmark = tested skill
  • HMR / T Houghton Mifflin Reading: Transparencies
  • HMR / PB Houghton Mifflin Reading: Practice Book
  • HME / WP Houghton Mifflin English: Workbook Plus
  • HME / RW Houghton Mifflin English: Reteaching Workbook
  • HMSV / TRB Houghton Mifflin Spelling & Vocabulary: Teacher's Resource Book