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Countdown to FCAT Success

Countdown to FCAT Success!, a practical, easy-to-use system providing 120 days of highly focused teaching and practice, builds skills and confidence prior to FCAT.

Two powerful components complete the Countdown to FCAT Success! package:

Student Workbook

The consumable student booklet includes one worksheet per day for each of the 120 days prior to FCAT. Student worksheets include three sections: Getting Ready, Spiral Review, and FCAT Practice. For every chapter, Chapter Tests provide even more test prep with multiple choice, short answer, extended response, and gridded response items.

Teacher's Edition

Includes planning and pacing support that helps teachers cover critical content to FCAT testing. Such support includes Planning Charts and Pacing Charts.

Combined with the Houghton Mifflin Math Florida Student Book and the Florida Teacher's Edition, Countdown to FCAT Success! provides a complete FCAT solution for Florida's students and teachers.