Author Papers

We The People authors and consultants share their insights and the philosophy behind We The People. They highlight the strategies, skills and content that are important for achieving your social studies curriculum goals.

Have you ever had a parent ask why you teach Social Studies? The articles provide background information to enhance your teaching and students' learning. They provide “food for thought” on important social studies topics. Something extra just for you, and help for answering questions.

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Giving Our Children Voices in the Classroom
Catherine Clinton discusses exciting strategies for tying the past to the present lives of students.

The Quality Social Studies Program
Michael Hartoonian discusses the purpose of social studies and the development of citizens through six educational goals.

Creating A Skill-Full Social Studies Curriculum
Susan Buckley discusses research on integrating knowledge and skills including higher order thinking skills.

Geography for Life: The Eighteen Standards
Sarah Bednarz and the National Geographic Society discuss the role and importance of geography in everyday life.