Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
This site is a master index to resources related to the cities, countries, and regions of Asia. Links are indexed by region and country, and range from virtual tours to scholarly documents.
China: A Country Study
Written by the U.S. Army and made available online by the University of Missouri at St. Louis, China: A Country Study is a no-frills gopher site, but a great resource for information about China, its society, history, economic system, industry, and culture. Aspects of this important world civilization reported and discussed here include: Population, Historical Setting, Ancient Dynasties, Emergence of Modern China, The Education System, Mining, and many more. An extensive bibliography and a glossary are also included.
Guide to Australia
From Charles Sturt University in New South Wales comes this online guide to Australia. The site contains an exhaustive index of links to Australia-related information, from simple facts and figures, to history, geography, the environment, and culture.
The Virtual Tourist
The Virtual Tourist is a map-based set of hyperlinks through which you can explore the world and find information about community locations of your choice, along with tourist guides and images.