Cybrary of the Holocaust
The Cybrary of the Holocaust is a wonderful project that provides access to online educational materials related to the Holocaust. The site's extensive Holocaust resources include a teaching guide, eyewitness accounts, background material, an interactive map, historical images, and a gallery of children's art. This site was created and is maintained by Michael Declan Dunn.
Welcome to Europa
This site is a repository of information about the European Union. It includes a timetable of the evolution of the European Union, information about its flag, Europe Day celebrations, and an online recording of the EU anthem. The site also features maps of the fifteen member states and other related facts and figures. This site is maintained by the European Commission.
The Virtual Tourist
The Virtual Tourist is a map-based set of hyperlinks through which you can explore the world and find information about community locations of your choice, along with tourist guides and images.
World War II Commemoration
This Grolier Online site features a comprehensive collection of historical materials on World War II. The site features online “Encyclopedia Americana” biographies and articles, photographs, and downloadable video clips. An index of links to other WWII sites is also available.