Unit Theme Resources

Below are links to various materials we've created to support students' work on the unit theme: The Impact of Cultural Exchange.

Think Like a Geographer

Here are links to Internet resources that can be used to support instruction of the “Think Like a Geographer” feature for this unit: What Did Captain Cook Learn About the Earth?

Captain Cook: Voyages of Discovery
From the Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow comes this wonderful site on the voyages and explorations of Captain James Cook. The site includes interactive maps of Cook's voyages, brief descriptions of each place he visited, and images of artifacts collected by his expedition.
James Cook
The Mariner's Museum presents this illustrated biography of Captain Cook. Essays describe his three voyages, and a map shows their routes in color.

Links for Citizenship

Here are links to Internet resources that can be used to support instruction of the “Citizenship” feature for this unit: Can Rulers Do Whatever They Want?

The English Bill of Rights
This site contains the text of the English Bill of Rights, the 1689 document written by Parliament that limited the power of the English monarchy.
The U.S. Bill of Rights
Part of the Archiving Early America project, this site features the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The includes an explanatory passage and the complete text of the document.