The Ancient World Web
The Ancient World Web, created by Julia Hayden, is a master index to Internet sites “discussing, spotlighting, or otherwise considering the Ancient World.” Each link is organized by both subject and geographic area and is accompanied by a short description. This excellent resource is updated weekly and includes breaking news items of historical interest. Highly recommended.
Archimedia I-Architecture in Ancient Near East
The Archimedia project was created by the University of Haifa Library, Israel, to help students understand how buildings and other structures in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia were constructed, and what they looked like. Students will enjoy the profiles of specific pyramids and ziggurats. Each profile includes images (taken from various angles), a description of its materials and building techniques.
The Rediscovery of Ancient Nubia
This web page is part of the “Vanished Kingdoms of the Nile” exhibit at the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute Museum. It provides a brief, but informative, overview of the history of ancient Nubia. Included here are a timeline of important periods in Nubian civilization, images of a Nubian pyramid, deity, jewelry, pottery, and Meroitic script from the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. Suggestions for further reading on Nubia are also offered.