The books listed below may be available through publishers, distributors such as bookstores or online retailers, or library systems.

Independent Reading

Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions
by Margaret Musgrove. Dial, 1976
An African culture for each letter of the alphabet is briefly described and beautifully illustrated.
Over 6,000 Years Ago: In the Stone Age
by Hazel Mary Martell. MacMillan Publishing, 1992
Discussion of life in the Stone Age, including hunting, farming, mining flint, and the first towns.
Secret Cities
by Mike Corbishley. Lodestar Books, 1989
Ancient towns and buildings around the world, in Scotland, Turkey, Zimbabwe, China, Peru, southwestern United States, and more.
Secrets from the Past
by Gene S. Stuart. National Geographic, 1979
Archaeology, archaeological discoveries around the world, migrations of early people, and more in photo-essay style.
The Spring of Butterflies and Other Chinese Folktales
by He Liyi. Lothrup, Lee & Shepard, 1985
A collection of folk tales from various Chinese groups.
The Ancient Maya
by Barbara L. Beck. Franklin Watts Ltd., 1983
An overview of Mayan life and culture.
India (Enchantment of the World series)
by Sylvia McNair. Childrens Press, 1990
The land, history, and culture of India.
The Israelites
by Pamela Odijk. Silver Burdett Press, 1990
A survey of ancient Jewish life and culture.
Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure: Secrets of Ancient Egypt
by Lila Perl. Clarion Books, 1987
Discusses how and why mummies were made, the tombs in which they were found, and the artifacts placed with them.
Science in Ancient China
by George Beshore. Franklin Watts Ltd., 1988
The achievements of the ancient Chinese in astronomy, navigation, food production, medicine and so on. Part of a series that includes science in ancient Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, and Rome and in early Islamic and Native American cultures.
Digging to the Past
by W. John Hackwell. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1986
Describes the roles of the various teams of an archaeological dig and the knowledge to be gained from their findings.
The Earliest Americans
by Helen Roney Sattler. Clarion Books, 1993
A survey of Native American history with a strong archaeological thread; includes Paleo-Indians, peoples of Middle and South America, as well as North American peoples.
How to Make a Mummy Talk
by James M. Deem. Houghton Mifflin, 1995
Humorous account of how mummies are made (purposefully and accidentally), what knowledge we can gain from them, and which museums have them.
Nubia: A Drowning Land
by Margaret Drower. Athenaeum, 1970
Survey of Nubian history and description of Nubia's ancient ruins.

Read Aloud and Reference

The Legend of the Cranberry: A Paleo-Indian Tale
by Ellin Greene. Simon & Schuster, 1993 The Great Spirit gave the cranberry to the People to remind them of their great battle with the mastodons. Beautiful, dramatic illustrations.
Native American Animal Stories
by Joseph Bruchac. Fulcrum Publishing, 1992 Native American legends that involve animals.
The Sumerians
by Pamela Odijk. Silver Burdett Press, 1989 Explores many aspects of Sumerian life. Part of a series that includes the Aztecs, Chinese, Egyptians, First Africans, Greeks, Hebrews, Incas, Japanese, Mayas, Phoenicians, and Vikings.
Then & Now: The Wonders of the Ancient World
by Stefania and Dominic Perring. MacMillan Publishing, 1991 Photographs of 20 ancient wonders with color overlays to show how they originally looked.