The American Immigration Home Page
Founded as a 10th grade history project, this site examines the motivations for immigration to the United States from 1607 to the present, the reception immigrants received, the impact of immigration on America, and other relevant factors by time period. This site is supported by the Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology.
American Inventors and Inventions
From the Smithsonian Institution comes this wonderful site highlighting some of the most important inventions of the 19th and 20th centuries. Featured on this site are the Institution's collection of models submitted by inventors, including the box telephone, the light bulb, and the telegraph. Each feature contains photographs and background information on the invention and inventor.
Ellis Island
This site pays homage to Ellis Island and the millions of immigrants who were processed there. You can take a virtual tour of Ellis Island, find information on immigrants' experiences, and take a look at Ellis Island today.
The Gallery of the Open Frontier
The Gallery of the Open Frontier is an online gallery of historical photographs, paintings, and drawings related to history of the American West. The database comes primarily from the National Archives and includes over 7000 images.