Colonial Williamsburg
Visit a bustling Southern city at this wonderful web site. Colonial Williamsburg is the country's best-known historical restoration, portraying life in the Virginia city in the years before the revolution. The Web site explores such details of Southern colonial life as craftsmanship, family life, and slavery.
The Town Crier
Part of the larger Archiving Early America site, The Town Crier is an excellent threaded discussion forum for exchanging information about 18th-century America.
The World of Benjamin Franklin
From the Franklin Institute Museum in Philadelphia comes this excellent site about the life and times of the great scientist, philosopher, inventor, statesman, and Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin. Students will find a wealth of information on Franklin through items such as a clickable timeline, a family tree, images of some of his inventions, and samples of his writings and speeches. The site also provides links to a glossary, resource materials, and enrichment activities.