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Independent Reading

Anne Hutchinson: Fighter for Religious Freedom
by Dennis Brindell Fradin. Enslow Publishers, Inc., 1990
The life of Anne Hutchinson and her fight for religious freedom.
Charlie's House
by Clyde R. Bulla. Thomas Crowell, Jr., 1983
A young indentured servant runs away from his master in colonial Carolina.
The Colony of Virginia
by Dan Lacy. Franklin Watts Ltd., 1973
A history of colonial Virginia, from the Roanoke settlement to the new nation.
The Courage of Sarah Noble
by Alice Dalgliesh. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1954
Eight-year-old Sarah must keep up her courage if her family is to be reunited in their new home.
...If You Lived in Colonial Times
by Ann McGovern. Scholastic, Inc., 1992
Text and pictures tell what it was like to live in colonial New England.
William Penn: Founder of Pennsylvania
by Ronald Syme. William Morrow, 1966
William Penn's struggle for religious freedom and his founding of Pennsylvania.
Colonial People
by Sarah Howarth. The Millbrook Press, 1994
Art and text provide a view of the people who made up colonial America.
King Phillip's War, 1675-76
by L.D. Rich. Franklin Watts Ltd., 1972
An account of the war between New England colonists and the native peoples.
New Amsterdam Days and Ways
by Dorothy N. Hults. Harcourt Brace, 1963
A history of new Amsterdam, from its original inhabitants to the end of Dutch rule.
Night Journeys
by Avi. Pantheon, 1979
A young boy is caught between duty and morality when he helps two indentured servants escape.
Roger Williams: Defender of Freedom
by C.P. Edwards. Abingdon Press, 1957
The life of Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island.
The 13 Colonies Series
by Dennis Fradin. Children's Press, 1986-1989
Each of the thirteen books in the series chronicles one of the thirteen colonies.
Colonial American Holidays and Entertainment
by Karen Helene Lizon. Franklin Watts Ltd., 1993
An exploration of colonial entertainment and pastimes.
Colonial American Home Life
by John F. Warner. Franklin Watts Ltd., 1993
The details of the everyday life of colonists, Native Americans, and enslaved Africans is presented.
Colonial North Carolina
by Eugenia Burney. Thomas Nelson, Inc., 1975
Chronicles North Carolina's history, from its colonization to its part in the Civil War.
Kings, Commoners, & Colonists
by Selma R. Williams. Atheneum, 1974
The events in England that encouraged institutions and government in colonial New England to flourish.
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
by E.G. Speare. Houghton Mifflin, 1958
A young girl from Barbados must learn to adjust to the Puritan lifestyle when she moves to Connecticut in 1687.

Read Aloud and Reference Books

Out of Many Waters
by J. Dembar Greene. Walker and Co., 1988
Story is based on the first Jewish settlement in New Amsterdam.
The Primrose Way
by J.F. Koller. Harcourt Brace, 1992
The story of a young Puritan girl's friendship with a Native American tribe and her realization that their culture is as valid as her own.
Roanoke: A Novel of the Lost Colony
by Sonia Levitin. Atheneum, 1973
The story of the “Lost Colony” recreated with attention to historical accuracy.
by Paul Fleishman. Harper and Row, 1990
A Narraganset Native American indentured to a Boston printer yearns to know of his people and heritage.
The American Colonies: From Settlement to Independence
by R.C. Simmons. David McKay Company, 1976
Examines who the settlers were and how they shaped the North American continent.
Home Life in Colonial Days
by Alice Morse Earle. Berkshire House, 1993
A comprehensive account of the daily lives of American colonists.
Sourcebooks on Colonial America
by Carter Smith. The Millbrook Press, 1991
A six volume series on topics ranging from explorers and settlers to daily life.