1492: An Ongoing Voyage
The Library of Congress has created an excellent cultural and historical online exhibit in 1492: An Ongoing Voyage. The site includes information about Columbus and informative profiles of the cultures in specific regions of the pre-Columbian Americas.
Discoverers' Web Homepage
The Discoverers' Web Home Page is an extensive and highly useful resource about discovery and exploration, arranged by time period. It includes a vast array of Internet resources, including articles, biographies, map archives, and online exhibits dealing with journeys of discovery from pre-history to the twentieth century, and features explorers from around the world. This is a valuable site for those on the lookout for information about explorers and world exploration.
The History of Costume Index
The History of Costume Index is a joy to browse through, and is based on the book The History of Costume by Braun and Schneider, published 1861-1880. The index provides useful information about clothing fashions from ancient times to the Victorian Age, including 500 different costumes. Although the illustrations do have a distinct 19th-century feel to them, they still provide a picture of the types of clothing worn by Europeans in the past.
The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin holds more than 230,000 maps, many of which have been scanned and made available at this site. This extensive online collection includes hundreds of high quality, copyright-free maps of nations and cities, as well as many historical maps. A special “Electronic Maps of Current Interest” section highlights maps of places in the news. This site also hosts a variety of links to other map-related sites.