Theme Project: You are a Native American living in 1500. You have been chosen to represent your community at a meeting of several Native American groups.

1. Choose a Group Decide which Native American group you would like to represent.

Native American group I will represent is:___________________________.

2. Make an Illustrated Map When you meet with the other Native American groups you will need to show them where your group lives. Make a map that show your group's location. Add drawings showing landforms, natural resources, communities, etc.

check Map Completed

3. Natural Resources At the meeting, you will need to tell the other groups how your group uses natural resources. What kinds of natural resources are in your group's region? Choose five of these resources and write a description of one or two uses for each.

check Resources Chosen

check Descriptions Completed

4. Make a Gift You will want to make a gift to bring to the meeting. Think about the crafts, tools, or foods that are important to your group. Choose one to make to share with the others at the meeting. Find a picture of, and information about, the gift.

Name of Gift: ________________________________





check Gift Completed

5. Explore a Tradition The other Native Americans will ask you about your group's culture. Research your group's traditions and beliefs, its arts and government, and choose one to tell about at the meeting.





6. Attend the Meeting With your teacher and classmates, choose a day to have your meeting to exchange your gifts and information with other Native American groups.