Theme Project: Create a special issue of Texas Magazine, issue date January 1, 2000. Highlight major 20th-century events and make predictions about the future.

1. Important Events The people who read your magazine will want to know about the major events of the 20th century and how they affected Texas. Use your textbook, existing magazines, old newspapers, and reference books to do research on this topic. As you gather information, write down ideas for articles you want to have in your magazine, below.







checkResearch completed

2. Write the Articles Choose at least three ideas from the list you made during your research. Write an article about each topic. In your articles, make sure to describe the major 20th-century events and people involved, and how Texans were affected by them. Don't forget to create a headline for each article.

checkArticles completed

checkHeadlines created

3. Identify Important Texans Make a list of important Texans of the 20th century and their achievements. Then, choose one man from your list to honor in your magazine as “Texan Man of the Century” and one woman as “Texan Woman of the Century.” Write the names of your honorees below.

Woman of the Century: __________________________________________________

Man of the Century: _____________________________________________________

4. Write Biographies Use your textbook and other reference materials to gather information about the two Texans you will honor in your magazine. Write a short biography of each person. Include any interesting stories or events in their lives. Describe their achievements and contributions they made to Texas.

checkBiographies completed

5. Gather Pictures Find or draw pictures to go with the articles and the biographies that you will feature in your magazine. Write captions to describe each picture.

checkPictures found/drawn

checkCaptions completed

6. Create Advertisements Think about some of the products that are made in Texas. Choose at least two of them and create an advertisement for each one. Make sure to describe the products in a way that will make readers want to buy them. Include a drawing or a photograph of the products.

checkAdvertisements completed

7. Putting It Together Plan the order of your articles, pictures, and advertisements in your magazine. Think about which article should come first, where the pictures that go with the article should appear, and where the advertisements will be. Once you have decided on the order and arrangement, paste the articles, etc., on pieces of paper, and number the pages. Then, create a table of contents for your magazine and a cover. Paste or staple the pages together.

checkMagazine assembled

8. Share Your Work Share your magazine with your classmates, friends, and family.