Theme Project: Current events, natural resources, and economics can affect people's lives. Make a timeline that shows the important events in this unit.

1.Important Events As you read through this unit, make a list of the important events from 1900 to 1964 that affected Texas. Choose at least four events for your timeline. Write down the events below in the order they occurred.







2. Build Your Timeline On a separate sheet of paper draw a straight line for the timeline. Use the timelines in your textbook to help create your timeline. Make sure to connect each entry to the line in its proper year. Also make sure the entries are in order, with the earliest events on the left and the recent events on the right.

checkTimeline completed

3. Gather Images Find or draw pictures that illustrate the events on your timeline. Then write a caption for each image. Describe the picture and tell how it illustrates an important event for Texas.

check Pictures completed

check Captions completed

4.Write Articles Write an article about each of the events on your timeline. Make sure to create a headline for each article.

check Articles Completed

check Headlines written

5. Create a Time Capsule Collect items that represent the events on your timeline. These can be pictures, objects, stories, newspaper clippings, etc. Then write a brief description of each item on a notecard. Describe how each item represents an important event that affected Texas. Finally, arrange the items and descriptions in a box or other large container.

check Time Capsule completed

6. Build Your Display Decide how you want to arrange the items for your display. You may want to create a large poster on which you can paste the timeline, images and articles. You might also want to place your time capsule on a table near the poster.

7. Share Your Work Display your exhibit and discuss the items in your exhibit with other students.