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Independent Reading

Ghost Stories of Old Texas, Volume III
by Zanita Fowler. Eakin Press, 1995
Latest volume in this popular series of “exciting but not too scary tales” from Texas legend.
Hats Are For Watering Horses: Why the Cowboy Dressed That Way
by Mary Blount Christian. Hendrick-Long, 1993
New illustrations enhance this children's guide to cowboy clothing and the origins of western dress.
Holt and the Cowboys
by Jim McCafferty. Pelican, 1993
A newly-freed African American leaves Mississippi to work on a Texas ranch after the Civil War.
Jalapeno Hal
by Jo Harper. Four Winds Press, 1992
Amusing tale of a Big Bend cowboy who helps a town recover from a drought.
Quanah Parker: Comanche Warrior
by William R. Sanford. Enslow, 1994
Stirring biography of the Indian warrior who led the attack on buffalo hunters at Adobe Walls in Texas in 1874.
Trail Fever: The Life of a Texas Cowboy
by D. J. Lightfoot. Lothrop, 1992
Easy-reading biography of the famed Texas cowboy George Saunders.
Camels for Uncle Sam
by Diane Yancey. Hendrick-Long, 1995
Intriguing look at the U.S. Army's experiment to use camels as draft animals in the Southwest in the 1850s.
Charles Goodnight, Pioneer Cowman
by Sybil J. O'Read. Eakin Press, 1990
Biography of the Texan who created the first ranch in the Panhandle.
Ghost Flyers
by Tom Townsend. Eakin Press, 1993
Historical mystery based on secret plans to develop a flying machine in Texas in the 1890s.
The Haunted Tunnel
by Jacqueline Stem. Eakin Press, 1994
Historical mystery set in 1868 in which a Texas boy discovers a tunnel that had been used to transport enslaved people.
The Lone Star State Divided: Texans and the Civil War
by Merle Durham. Hendrick-Long, 1994
Battles, biographies, statistics, and more on Texans in the Civil War and Reconstruction.
Ronald Slidell Mackenzie: Brave Cavalry Colonel
by J'Nell L. Pate. Eakin Press, 1993
Life of the West Point graduate who led cavalry men in Indian wars in Texas.
by Gary Paulsen. Delacorte, 1990
A boy finds a skull in the canyons outside El Paso and enters the world of a young Apache who lived a century earlier.
Cezanne Pinto: A Memoir
by Mary Stolz. Knopf, 1994
Historical novel about a young African American who builds a new life as a cowboy in Texas after the Civil War.
A House Divided
by Marj Gurasich. Chaparral Books/Texas Christian University Press, 1994
Sequel to “Letters from Oma,” continuing the story of a German family in Texas into the Civil War.
by Anna P. Barren. Larksdale, 1993
Chronicles the events surrounding Juneteenth (June 19, 1865) when the enslaved people of Texas were freed by Union General Granger.
Switching Well
by Peni R. Griffin. McElderry Books, 1993
Two twelve-year-old girls in San Antonio -- one from 1891 and one from 1991 -- switch places and meet each other's times.
A Taste of Texas Ranching: Cooks and Cowboys
by Joel Bernstein & Tom Bryant. Texas Tech University Press, 1995
More than a cookbook -- a fun -- filled visit to 30 Texas ranches and their cooks, stories, and tales.

Read Aloud and Reference Books

Buried Treasures of Texas: Legends of Outlaw Loot, Pirate Hoards, Buried Mines, Ingots in Lakes, and Santa Anna's Packtrain Gold
by W. C. Jameson. August House, 1991
A “treasure trove” of amusing and puzzling tales for young Texans.
Oldtimers: Their Own Stories
by Florence Fenley. State House Press, 1991
Recollections of pioneer life by fifty-three Texans; originally published in 1939.
Tex's Tales
by Rita Kerr. Panda Books, 1990
Exciting adventures of a dog in pioneer Texas who is swept away by a tornado and must find his way back home through the wilderness.
Black Texas Women: 150 Years of Trial and Triumph
by Ruthe Winegarten. University of Texas Press, 1995
A valuable chronicle of the history of African American women in Texas from the days of slavery to the present.
Historic Ranches of Texas
by Lawrence Clayton; paintings by J. U. Salvant. University of Texas Press, 1993.
Dramatically illustrated profiles of twelve famous Texas ranches, including the King, XIT, and Four Sixes.
Lone Star Blue and Gray: Essays on Texas in the Civil War
Edited by Ralph Wooster. Texas State Historical Association, 1995.
Sixteen essays by leading scholars on the Texas experience in the Civil War.
Rebel Brothers: The Civil War Letters of the Truehearts
Edited by Edward B. Williams. Texas A&M University Press, 1995
Correspondence of two Galveston brothers -- one an infantryman, the other a cavalryman -- who fought in major Civil War battles.
The Slave Narratives of Texas
Edited by Ron C. Tyler and Lawrence R. Murphy. State House Press, 1996 [Encino Press, 1974]
Newly re-published interviews, originally conducted in the 1930s, with over one hundred people who had been enslaved in Texas.