Armadillo -- Texas History and Social Studies Sites
This portion of the Texas Studies Gopher, called Armadillo, provides an annotated index of links to Internet sites related to political, social, and cultural history of Texas. The Armadillo WWW server is maintained by the Houston Independent School District.
Lone Star Junction: A Texas Almanac
The Lone Star Junction is an excellent source for historic information about Texas. It includes items such as the full text of the Texas Declaration of Independence, biographies of Stephen Austin, Susanna Dickinson, and others, and a clickable map of early settlements, among other resources.
Texas, Texans, and the Alamo
This site is an online exhibit of the Center for American History's holdings related to Anglo-American settlement in Texas, the Texas Revolution, and the Republic. You can view the earliest datable photograph taken in Texas, Santa Anna's battle map for his assault on the Alamo, and more.