Discoverers' Web Homepage
The Discoverers' Web Home Page is an extensive and highly useful resource about discovery and exploration, arranged by time period. It includes a vast array of Internet resources, including articles, biographies, map archives, and online exhibits dealing with journeys of discovery from pre-history to the twentieth century, and features explorers from around the world. This is a valuable site for those on the lookout for information about explorers and world exploration.
Histories of the First Nations
This project by historian Lee Sultzman contains 24 tribal histories that can be accessed through an alphabetical list. It includes discussions of language, government and culture. The tribal histories are cross-referenced to each other, where appropriate, and there are hyperlinks to other related resources as well.
The Indians of Texas
Part of the popular Web site Lone Star Junction, this section presents a map of the major Native American groups that occupied the region that is now Texas, and includes a brief overview of the history of each group.