[Unit Theme Resources]

Below are links to various materials we've created to support students' work on the unit theme: New Identities.

[Think Like a Geographer]

Here are links to Internet resources that can be used to support instruction of the “Think Like a Geographer” feature for this unit: What Impact Did Salt Licks Have on Indiana's History?

Dietary Patterns in the Early Midwest
Conner Prairie, a museum which recreates life in early nineteenth century Indiana, provides this thoughtful article on what early Hoosiers ate. A list of seasonal items appears at the end. Students may be interested to learn that their ancestors didn't eat grapes in March or spinach in January. Select History Online to reach a comprehensive list of articles, including recipes.
Salt Made the World Go 'Round
The importance of salt to human beings is the focus of this innovative site, which provides an extensive amount of information about this necessary mineral, from its etymology to its influence on religion.

[Links for Citizenship]

Here are links to Internet resources that can be used to support instruction of the “Citizenship” feature for this unit: What Is a Leader?

Indiana Biography: Native Americans
This site is part of the Indiana Biographies web site created by the Department of History at Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne. This portion of the site features images and biographies of notable Native American people in Indiana history, including Tecumseh.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Part of the Seattle Times web site, this is a terrific presentation of the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The site includes a detailed timeline of King's life, a study guide, a moderated discussion, a quiz, and separate pages on the Civil Rights movement and the creation of the holiday honoring this great man.