[Unit Theme Resources]

Below are links to various materials we've created to support students' work on the unit theme: Exploration and Encounter.

[Think Like a Geographer]

Here are links to Internet resources that can be used to support instruction of the “Think Like a Geographer” feature for this unit: How Did the Location of Fort Wayne Encourage Settlement?

Fort Wayne History
This site is an excellent source for resources related to the history of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Included, are links to biographies of key historical figures, historical museums, sites, organizations, and resources. The site is maintained by the Department of History, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne.

[Links for Citizenship]

The Internet be used to support instruction of the “Citizenship” feature for this unit: How Can You Help?

River Otter Fun Facts
River otters are back in Indiana! Meet this returning state resident in a Web site from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Follow the link at the end of the selection for more in depth information about the river otter.