The American Immigration Home Page
Founded as a 10th grade history project, this site examines the motivations for immigration to the United States from 1607 to the present, the reception immigrants received, the impact of immigration on America, and other relevant factors by time period. This site is supported by the Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology.
The Genealogy Home Page
Maintained by Pennsylvania State University, this site, in addition to providing a guide to research in genealogy, includes excellent links and information about multicultural resources. Students will find this site helpful in preparing family histories or for doing research on the peoples of the United States.
Interactive Citizens' Handbook
If user-friendly government seems like an oxymoron, you probably haven't tried the Interactive Citizens' Handbook. This simple but powerful site allows users to search the combined content of all U.S. government Internet sites. You can also browse through government Internet resources by branch or topic. (This is great if you're not sure where to start looking!) The Interactive Citizens' Handbook is part of the White House World Wide Web site.
Using Maps in Genealogy, Fact Sheet 099-02
This site provides a guide to planning, gathering, organizing and recording data on family history, and suggests ways in which maps can be used a part of the process. This page is maintained by the U.S. Geological Survey as part of their Fact Sheets on genealogy site.