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Independent Reading

The Great Migration: An American Story
by Jacob Lawrence. HarperCollins Children's Books, 1993
A series of paintings recording the migration of African Americans to the industrial north.
Death of the Iron Horse
by Paul Goble. Bradbury Press, 1987
Based on a true incident that occurred in 1867, Cheyenne braves derail and raid a freight train.
The Gold Cadillac
by Mildred Taylor. Dial Books, 1987
A gold Cadillac becomes a symbol of prejudice on a trip south.
A Sea of Grass: The Tallgrass Prairie
by David Dvorak. Macmillan Publishing, 1994
Beautiful photographs enhance information about the plants and animals that live on the prairie.
Eureka! It's an Automobile
by Jeanne Bendick. The Millbrook Press, 1992
The invention of the automobile -- from French steam tractors to internal combustion engines.
Sarah, Plain and Tall
by Patricia MacLachlan. Harper & Row, 1985
Caleb and Anna are captivated by their father's mail-order bride.
The Glorious Fourth at Prairietown
by Joan Anderson. William Morrow and Co., 1986
The Fourth of July in Prairietown, Indiana, in 1836 as experienced by eleven-year-old Joshua.
Maudie in the Middle
by Phyllis R. Naylor and Lura S. Reynolds. Atheneum, 1988
Set on an Iowa farm in the early 1900s, Maudie is a frustrated middle child who always seems to upset the apple cart.
The King of Prussia and a Peanut Butter Sandwich
by Alice Fleming. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1988
How Mennonite farmers changed Kansas farming.
The Bread Winner
by Arvella Whitmore. Houghton Mifflin, 1990
Sarah and her parents must sell their farm, but Sarah's optimism finally lifts their dismal prospects.
The Sacred Harvest: Ojibway Wild Rice Gathering
by Gordon Regguinti. Lerner Publications, 1992
An account of the Ojibway wild rice harvest through the eyes of eleven-year-old Glen.
Here Comes McBroom!
by Sid Fleishman. Greenwillow Books, 1992
Three tall tales about Josh McBroom's one-acre farm.
Children of the Dust Bowl
by Jerry Stanley. Crown Publishers, 1992
This is the fascinating true story of the “Okies” who left the desolate Dust Bowl to become migrant workers in California.
Night of the Twisters
by Ivy Ruckman. Thomas Crowell, 1984
Dan is thrust out of his lazy summer existence when tornadoes batter his Nebraska town.
Grasshopper Summer
by Ann Turner. Macmillan Publishing, 1989
Sam's reluctance to leave the Kentucky farm of his grandparents for the untamed Dakota territory gradually lessens.
by Sylvia A. Johnson. Lerner Publications, 1990
This book explains the growth, harvesting, and processing of wheat.
People of the Sacred Arrows: The Southern Cheyenne Today
by Stan Hoig. Cobblehill Books, 1992
A look at the Southern Cheyenne today and their need to live in two worlds, the modern and the tribal.
Joel: Growing Up a Farm Man
by Patricia Demuth. Dodd, Mead & Co., 1982
An exploration of life on an Illinois family farm through the eyes of thirteen-year-old Joel.

Read Aloud and Reference Books

by Diane Siebert. Thomas Crowell, Jr., 1989
This book is a poetic description of the American heartland -- a patchwork quilt of land.
Dakota Dugout
by Ann Turner. Macmillan Publishing, 1985
Through poetry, a grandmother tells her granddaughter about life on the prairie in the mid-1800s.
The Star Maiden: An Ojibway Tale
by Barbara Esbenson. Little, Brown & Co., 1988
This is a poetic retelling of an Ojibway legend about the Star Maiden.
Save Our Prairies and Grasslands
by Ron Hirschi. Delacorte Press, 1994
A thorough discussion of prairies: the animal and plant life they support and how to save them.
Cowboys, Indians, and Gunfighters: The Story of the Cattle Kingdom
by Albert Marrin. Atheneum, 1993
Wide-ranging perspectives on the settling of the Great Plains, including Native Americans, gunslingers, and cowboys.
Picturing Wright
by Pedro Guerrero. Pomegranate Artbooks, 1994
This is a pictorial biography of Frank Lloyd Wright at work.