Theme-Related Resources

Below are links to various materials we've created to support students' work on the theme: We Learn Our Rules and Laws

Theme-Related Links

Here are some great Internet resources we've found for you to enrich and support the theme: We Learn Our Rules and Laws

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
THOMAS is a superb resource for information on the U.S. Congress, provided by the congressional library. THOMAS includes searchable indexes of House and Senate Bills, the Congressional record since 1994, the Constitution, e-mail addresses for House and Senate members and committees, an explanation of the lawmaking process, and much more.
White House for Kids
Part of the virtual tour of the White House, this site aims to help young people become more active and informed citizens. Hosted by Socks the Cat, students are guided through the history and inner workings of the White House. Included is information on the history and location of the White House, the current President, past and present children of the White House, and pets. Visitors can also send an e-mail to the President from here.