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Books for Independent Reading

Our Martin Luther King Book
by Patricia C. McKissack. Elgin, 1986
A class celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr., by learning more about his contributions to equal rights.
Billy the Great
by Rosa Guy. Delacorte, 1991
Billy becomes friends with an older boy in spite of his parents misgivings.
by Donald Crews, Greenwillow, 1991
Memories of summers now past and promises of summers yet to come fill Donald's vision.
Lion Dance
by Kate Waters. Scholastic Inc., 1990
Ernie Wan watches the other dancers to keep in step during the Chinese New Year parade.
The Catspring Somersault Flying One-Handed Flip-flop
by SuAnn Kiser. Orchard, 1993
Wilma Letitia Carper's acrobatics lead her to runaway from home one day.
Fox and His Friends
by James Marshall. Puffin, 1982
Fox tries to forego his duties as crossing guard and has other adventures in these three stories.

Read Aloud and Reference Books

Officer Buckle and Gloria
by Peggy Rathmann. Putman, 1995
Officer Buckle and his partner, Gloria, a dog, teach children all about safety.
The Tale of Rabbit and Coyote
by Tony Johnston. Putman, 1994
Why do coyotes howl at the moon? Read this Mexican trickster tale and find out.
Literature-Based Social Studies
by Mildred Knight Laughlin. Oryx Press, 1991
Activities and books galore! A must for any social studies teacher.