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Books for Independent Reading

I Know a Place
by Karen Ackerman. Houghton, 1992
Find out what makes home a special place for one little girl.
Round Trip
by Ann Jonas. Morrow, 1983
Innovative illustrations capture the motion of a trip.
School Bus
by Donald Crews. Greenwillow, 1984
Yellow school buses take children from home to school and back again.
This Is the Way We Go to School
by Edith Baer. Scholastic, 1990
Journey from here to there with children from all over the world.
Wilson Sat Alone
by Debra Hess. Simon & Schuster, 1994
Wilson walks, eats, plays, and sits alone until one day a new girl comes to town.
Rosie Sips Spiders
by Alison Lester. Houghton Mifflin, 1989
Lester showcases seven fabulous children, and their individual tastes and talents.
Snow Day!
by Barbara M. Joosse. Clarion, 1995
Robby's enthusiasm for playing in the snow inspires his whole family to get involved.
Yes, Dear
by Diana Wynne Jones. Greenwillow, 1992
Kay's grandmother is the only one who will listen when Kay finds a magic leaf.
The Balancing Girl
by Berniece Rabe. E.P. Dutton, 1981
Margaret wins her classmates' respect with her project for the school carnival.
Baby Dot
by Margery Cuyler. Clarion, 1990
Baby Dot discovers quitting school is not as fun as she thinks.
The Car Washing Street
by Denise Lewis Patrick. Morrow, 1993
On Saturday mornings, everyone in Matthew's city neighborhood washes their cars.
Masai and I
by Virginia Kroll. Four Wind Press, 1992
Linda imagines what it would be like to be a Masai child.

Read Aloud and Reference Books

by Kevin Henkes. Greenwillow, 1991
Though she loves her name, Chrysanthemum is miserable at school until she meets a special teacher.
The Journey Home
by Alison Lester. Oxford Press, 1990
Wild and Woolly take a fanciful journey home from the North Pole.
Night of the Moonjellies
by Mark Shasha. Simon and Schuster, 1992
Mark helps at the family hotdog stand all day, then shares a special night with Gram.
Where Are You Going, Manyoni?
by Catherine Stock. Morrow, 1993
Manyoni loves her morning walks across the African veldt to get to school.
Bicycle Man
by Allen Say. Houghton Mifflin, 1982
American servicemen surprise a Japanese community on a special day of sports and fun.
The Button Blanket
by Nan McNutt. Nan McNutt & Associates, 1986
Learn to make a button blanket with Ann, a Kwaikiutl girl, who prepares for her first potlatch.
Pueblo Storyteller
by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith. Holiday House, 1991
A first-person account of the life of a Cochiti girl.
Social Studies Through Children's Literature
by A.D. Fredericks. Teacher's Ideas Press, 1991
A good source for theme books.