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Unit 5 Bibliography: Good Citizens

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Books for Independent Reading

Extra Support

Being Responsible
by Robin Nelson
Lerner, 2003
Photographs and brief text present readers with ways of being responsible at home and at school. See others in the series.

The Liberty Bell
by Lloyd G. Douglas
Children's Press, 2003
Why the Liberty Bell is an important symbol of our country is explained in simple text accompanied by photos. See others in the series.

by Heather Miller
Heinemann, 2003
Photographs and brief text explain what firefighters do and how they contribute to the community.

Following Rules
by Robin Nelson
Lerner, 2003
Photos and simple text show children following rules in a variety of ways. See others in the series.

A Day with Police Officers
by Jan Kottke
Children's Press, 2000
Text and photographs reveal the many ways police officers help keep people in their communities safe.

On Level

The Lincoln Memorial
by Kristin L. Nelson
Lerner, 2004
This photo essay explains why Abraham Lincoln was honored with a memorial in the nation's capitol. See others in the series.

Meet Our Flag, Old Glory
by April Jones Prince
Little, Brown, 2004
Lively verse introduces children to the American flag.

Presidents' Day
by David F. Marx
Children's Press, 2002
Text and photos explain why we observe a holiday honoring our Presidents. See others in the series.

Happy Fourth of July, Jenny Sweeney!
by Leslie Kimmelman
Whitman, 2003
The residents of Jenny's town all pitch in to prepare for a Fourth of July celebration.

Election Day
by Patricia J. Murphy
Children's Press, 2002
This brief photo essay provides a simple explanation of the election process.

Rosa Parks
by Wil Mara
Children's Press, 2003
A brief biography relates how civil rights activist Rosa Parks helped to change laws that were unfair to African Americans. See others in the series.


If I Were President
by Catherine Stier
Whitman, 1999
Six children take turns posing as the President while providing information about the responsibilities of the office.

by Lise Erdrich
Carolrhoda, 2003
This biography tells the story of the Shoshone woman who served as interpreter and guide for Lewis and Clark.

Mr. Tanen's Tie Trouble
by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
Whitman, 2003
When his school runs out of funds for the new playground, the principal comes up with a clever idea to raise money.

Martin's Big Words
by Doreen Rappaport
Hyperion, 2001
The words of civil rights hero Martin Luther King, Jr., are woven into the story of his life.

by Allan Drummond
Farrar, 2002
In a story based on a true snippet of history, a young boy describes how he helped unveil the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.

Read Aloud and Reference

Read Aloud Books

Aero and Officer Mike: Police Partners
by Joan Plummer Russell
Boyds Mills, 2001
Officer Mike and his K-9 partner Aero help to keep their community safe.

A Castle on Viola Street
by DyAnne DiSalvo
Harper, 2001
Andy and his family help a community organization refurbish an abandoned home.

Abraham Lincoln
by Amy Cohn and Suzy Schmidt
Scholastic, 2002
Beginning with his humble start in a log cabin, Lincoln's life as a lawyer, politician, and President is related in homespun language.

A Picnic in October
by Eve Bunting
Harcourt, 1999
A boy and his family celebrate Lady Liberty's birthday every year by taking the ferry to Liberty Island.

Grandpa's Corner Store
by DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan
Harper, 2000
A girl enlists members of her community to help save her grandfather's small grocery store.

Reference Books

Fireworks, Picnics, and Flags
by James Cross Giblin
Clarion, 2001
A spirited look at our national birthday explores the stories behind the familiar symbols of the Fourth of July.

Our Country's Presidents
by Ann Bausum
National Geographic, 2001
Photographs, period paintings, and quotes from letters, speeches, and diaries help reveal the men who have led the United States.

America Votes: How Our President Is Elected
by Linda Granfield
Kids Can, 2003
This informative guide to voting in America presents information on everything from the qualifications for voting to campaign finance.

Free and Inexpensive Materials

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