Theme Project: The year is 1835, and you are traveling across America to settle new territory. Make a record of your trip.

1. Choose a Route Study a historical map of the United States in the early 1800s. Note the borders and boundaries of the newly created states. Then choose a route for your journey across America. On the blanks below, write down the starting and ending points of your journey. Identify the states, cities, and towns will pass through. Include the geographic features you will encounter on your journey.

My journey will begin at:______________________________________________

My journey will end at:_______________________________________________

Some of the states, cities and towns I will pass through include:




Some of the geographic features I will encounter include:




2. Create a Map Using an outline map of the United States, create a map of your journey across America. Draw the boundaries of the nation and states as they were in 1835. Then draw the route of the journey on your map. Label the states, cities and towns along your route. Don't forget to draw and label landforms and bodies of water.

check Map completed

3. Create a Travel Schedule Plan your journey across America. How many miles will you travel? What types of transportation will you use? How many days will you spend in each town or city? Create a schedule with entries for each day of your trip. For example, an entry could be the following: “Day 1: Travel from Albany to Buffalo by steamboat on the Erie Canal; 363 miles; spend one day in Buffalo.”

check Schedule completed

4. Gather Pictures Gather pictures or draw pictures of the types of transportation you will use on your journey. Write a caption for each picture that explains why you will use that type of transportation.

check Pictures completed

5. Write Letters Write at least three letters that describe the places, people and events that you encounter on your travels. Describe any difficulties or dangers you might experience on the journey. You may also want to write about any historical figures you meet, or describe any historical events you witness or participate in.

check Letters completed

6. Create a Display Assemble your map, schedule, pictures, and letters to create a “My Journey Across America” display. You may want to create a large poster on which you can paste the items, or a booklet, with a page for each item. Don't forget to include a title or banner for your display.

check Display completed

7. Share Your Work Display your poster or booklet to classmates. You might also want to share your journey across American by reading your letters aloud.