Theme Project: Celebrate the features of the Midwest in a fair. Plan booths that show something about life in this region.

1. Choose a State Pick a Midwestern state that you want to feature in your booth. Write the name of the state in the blank below.


2. State Facts Use your textbook and reference materials in your library to gather facts about the state you chose. Fill in the blanks below with information you collected. Write additional facts you may gather on a separate sheet of paper.

Historical/Cultural Sites

Population: _____________________________________

Area in Square Miles:_____________________________________

Capital: _____________________________________

State Motto: _____________________________________

State Song: _____________________________________

State Nickname: _____________________________________

3. Geographic Features Study maps and reference books to learn about the geographic features of the state you choose. Make a list of the landforms, waterways and natural resources in the state. Then use an outline map of the state to create a map that shows the geography and natural resources of the state.

check Map completed

Consult an almanac to find out about the climate of the state. Create a chart that shows the weather patterns during the different seasons in the state.

check Chart completed

Find out about the wildlife in the state you chose. Make a list of the plants and animals that live in the state. Then gather pictures or draw pictures of the plants and wildlife.

check Pictures collected

4. History Do research on the history of the state you chose. Make a list of important events in the state's history. Then create a timeline of historical events. Draw pictures that illustrate each event.

  • Events Chosen
  • Timeline Completed
  • Pictures Completed

5. Daily Life Gather information about everyday life in the state. Collect images from newspapers and magazines of the types of places people live in and different ways they earn a living. Create a poster or collage of everyday life in the state.

check Poster completed

6. Traditions Use reference books, travel brochures and other resources to find out about holidays, festivals or other traditions that people in the state celebrate. Choose at least two examples of these traditions and write them down on the blanks below. Then write a brief description of each tradition.

Tradition: _____________________________________________




7. Assemble Your Booth Assemble the items you created for the booth. Decide how you will display them in your booth. You may want to draw a sketch that shows where each item will be displayed in your booth .