My Class to Yours


I want to be a doctor when I grow up
Use with Unit 3
Written by Brenda Bunch
Grade K teacher
West Chapmanville Grade School
Verdunville, West Virginia USA


To teach children that there are many different kind of doctors that are our friends.


Resource People -- Different doctors:


Have the different doctors come and visit the class and tell about their jobs. If you are lucky enough to have several doctors within walking distance, ask to visit. My kindergarten visited 5 doctors in one day. We visited a baby doctor (my two absent were there), three general medical doctors (learned about x-rays,freezing warts of girl's leg,and the doctor has pillow like home on exam table), dentist. After the trip we compared the doctors by discussions, graphs of favorite, listed the different types.


This can be adapted to any community resource you may have near your school. Walking field trips are very educational. We stop and take time to notice everything on our way, birds, signs, truck, safety rules.

Career Awareness should be started as young as possible.

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