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Understanding Timelines:
Timeline of Your School

You can make your own timeline to show important events that happened at your school. Here's how.

1. Work with two classmates to research and make a list of important events at your school. Use the back of this sheet to take notes.

2. Find out when those events happened. Write the dates on your list.

3. Cut a long piece of drawing paper and draw your timeline. Use a ruler to measure the timeline. Divide it into equal time periods, such as decades (groups of ten years).

4. Write a title for your timeline. Fill in the dates and briefly describe the events.

5. Decorate your timeline with pictures that show some of the events.

Here are some questions a third-grade class used to make their timeline of Red Hill School.

1. When was our school built?

2. In what year did our teacher come to Red Hill School?

3. In what year did our principal come to our school?

4. When did we get new playground equipment?

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