Name:write on line Date:write on line

Preparing for an Interview:
Write a Letter

If you want to interview the author of your favorite book you could also ask your questions in a letter!

Let's Find It
Start your research at the back of the book. Often, there is a paragraph there called "About the Author" or " About the Illustrator." Next, use the following to plan your letter:

I would send a letter to:
write on line

She/He is the author or illustrator of a book called: write on line

The main thing I like about his book is: write on line

Two questions I would like to ask: write on line write on line

Now write your letter. Send it to the publisher of the book. The address is on the back of the book's title page. Wait for a reply.

Let's Show It

  • Post a copy of the letter you send on a bulletin board. If you get a reply, post it next to your letter.
  • Display the books below the bulletin board.

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