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Finding Out About Local History:
It Happened Here

Suppose you want to find out what the oldest building in your city or town is. How would you do that?

Where to Find It
Local history can be easy to research. Whether the answer to your questions come from a person or from a book in the library, you may not have to look far.

Here are some tips on finding out where the oldest building in your town is:

  • Visit the public library to find a book about your town.

  • Ask someone in your community or in your family. The oldest building in your town may be more famous than you think.

  • Call the local historical society. Many cities and towns have one. This is a group of people that like to learn about your town's past and to share the knowledge with others.

Research Tip
The history department at a nearby college or university can be a good source of information. Your teacher or librarian can help you make the call.

How to Show It
As you learn about local history, think about some part of it that would make a good play. Think of important people who lived or worked in the buildings. Your class could create a play and show what you've learned.

For more practice, try Finding Out About Local History: Community Facts.

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