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Finding Letters from Past Times:
State History Comes Alive

Here's a chance to get an eyewitness report of state history in the making. Learn about your state's past through the words of someone who lived it.

Let's Find It
Find a letter written by someone who lived in your state before 1900. Use part of a letter if you can't find a complete one. Copy a part of the letter that interests you here. write on line write on line write on line write on line

List three facts you learned about the person who wrote the letter or about the place where he or she lived. Write your source.

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Let's Show It
Use your letter to create a display called "Letters from the Past." Copy and illustrate the letter. If you prefer, you can use a picture from a magazine.

Research Tip
Letters may not be easy to find. Start your search in the school library. Ask your librarian for help. If you can't find what you need there, try the public library or write or call the state historical society.

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