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Finding Books About a Subject:
In the Library

Choose a subject. What could you learn about it? Let's visit the library to find out!

Let's Find It
Start by looking for the subject in the card catalog. When you find the card you need, use the information on it to fill in the blanks below.

Subject of book:
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Call number:
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Title of book:
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Author of book:
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Ask the librarian where you can find books with that call number. Then, follow the signs to get there. After you find your book, find what you need.

Let's Show It
Always list the book where you found your information. Here's how a third-grader did that in his report:

Barbara Cary wrote a book called Meet Abraham Lincoln. She tells how Lincoln practiced writing as a boy. He did not have any paper. He did not even have a pencil. He wrote letters with charcoal on a piece of wood.

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