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  Unit 7: The Promise Continues
Ellis Island
This site pays homage to Ellis Island and the millions of immigrants who were processed there. You can take a virtual tour of Ellis Island, find information on immigrants' experiences, and take a look at Ellis Island today.

The KIDPROJ Multi-Cultural Calendar
Students can learn how kids from around the world are celebrating their country's holidays and festivals. Some entries contain recipes for holiday foods, historical background, significance of the holidays and the special ways in which these days are observed. The information on this site can be accessed by month, holiday, country or author. KIDPROJ, is part of KIDLINK, a grassroots project in which teachers and youth group leaders from 87 countries organize activities and projects for students and other kids. Site in several languages.

The Flag of the United States
Maintained by the National Flag Foundation, this visually stunning site offers all the information students may want to know about the nation's flag, from its evolution to flag etiquette. The site contains images of historic and current flags, too.

Interactive Citizens' Handbook
If user-friendly government seems like an oxymoron, you probably haven't tried the Interactive Citizens' Handbook. This simple but powerful site allows users to search the combined content of all U.S. government Internet sites. You can also browse through government Internet resources by branch or topic. (This is great if you're not sure where to start looking!) The Interactive Citizens' Handbook is part of the White House World Wide Web site.


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