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  Unit 4: The Development of America's Regions

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery
Check out this fantastic site on Lewis & Clark's famous journey. Created as a companion to Ken Burns' film on Lewis and Clark, this site provides interactive maps, timelines, primary source journals, descriptions, audio, and photographs that make the journey come alive. You step back in time with the help of biographical sketches, accounts of life, society, and politics in the early 1800s, facts about the expedition, and information on Native Americans. You can also hear opinions from leading scholars on different questions about the journey. Best of all, you can experience the journey yourself with Into the Unknown, an interactive, fictional story that puts you in charge of the expedition.

Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark
Team up with Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery for the expedition of a lifetime. You'll face wild rivers, rugged mountains, and more as you explore and map the vast continent in this interactive adventure from National Geographic.

Exploring the West from Monticello
Check out the primary source maps and journals at this site that chronicle the explorations of North America from Columbus to Lewis and Clark.

Annexation of Texas Timeline
This site, maintained by the Texas State Library, presents a timeline of the principal events related to the annexation of Texas. Students can follow events, beginning in 1836 with the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico, and ending in 1846 with the governor of Texas taking the oath of office. The site also includes a list of the key players in the annexation of Texas.

The Second Flying Company of Alamo de Parras
Explore "the untold story of the Alamo's early history" at this site. You can learn about the Alamo when it was the Mission San Antonio de Valero and discover the mission's role in the colonization of Texas by Anglos. This site provides photographs, descriptions of events, and biographies that bring the complete history of the Alamo to life.

Texas, Texans, and the Alamo
This site is an online exhibit of the Center for American History's holdings related to Anglo-American settlement in Texas, the Texas Revolution, and the Republic. You can view the earliest datable photograph taken in Texas, Santa Anna's battle map for his assault on the Alamo, and more.

California Mission Studies Association
This site includes a mission directory with information about California missions in alphabetical order, archaeological and preservation projects, an illustrated glossary of mission-related terms, and links to images.

The Mission Era
This site focuses on the history of California under Spanish and Mexican rule. It contains 49 watercolors of the California missions by artist Edward Vischer (1808-1878). Click "Container Listing" in the left frame to see the images.

The Oregon Trail
Check out this site full of facts and photographs on the Oregon Trail. You can visit over 20 historic sites along the trail, learn "Fantastic Facts," and read about famous explorers, buffalo hunts, camping, Native Americans, hardships, and more.

The Gold Rush
Learn about the trials and triumphs of the gold rush era and the impact of the westward movement on America. This site contains photographs, descriptions, fun facts, and resources such as quizzes, activities, and links that complement the PBS documentary "The Gold Rush."

Gold Rush! California's Untold Stories
This interactive exhibit from the Oakland Museum of California offers narrated slide shows, images, primary sources, and background information on the discovery of gold in California and its impact.

Lowell National Historical Park
Explore historic Lowell, Massachusetts to learn more about the industrial age in the United States. You can view the expanded pages to take a virtual tour of the museums at Lowell. The tour gives you a sense of the working conditions in the mills and the history of the area, where thousands of immigrants and others came to find jobs.

Frederick Douglass
Here you can find the details of Frederick Douglass' escape from slavery, his determination to educate himself, his struggles as a free man, and his rise to abolitionist leader in the North. This online biography offers a moving portrait of the life of this brave man.


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