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  Unit 2: The Constitution of the United States

Explaining the Constitution: The Federalist Papers
This hypertext outline of American government puts the writings of Hamilton, Jay, and Madison in the context of the political and social issues facing the new nation.

The National Constitution Center
How does the Constitution affect your life? Come find out at this interactive site from the National Constitution Center. This site provides information on the creation of the Constitution and the U.S. government, as well as news updates on constitutional issues, discussion forums, and activities to test your understanding of the Constitution.

The World of Benjamin Franklin
This on-line exhibit, developed by the Franklin Institute, includes biographical information on Franklin as a scientist, inventor, and statesman as well as other resource materials.

The Bill of Rights
This site offers a discussion of the background issues and concerns that prompted the creation of the Bill of Rights, as well as the text of the original document.


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