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On the Long Trail Home
by Elisabeth J. Stewart

Good Guy/Bad Guy

Below are descriptions of people connected with the Trail of Tears in the book On the Long Trail Home. On the lines after each item, tell whether each person is behaving the way you'd expect someone like him to act, and then explain your opinion.

1. Meli noticed that two of the soldiers seemed to be enjoying the sight of the Cherokees eating and drinking. They were smiling. Others looked away, as if bored or simply tired of this tedious job of guarding. write on line write on line write on line

2. He looked gravely at Tahli, who had a fist-sized rock in each hand, and stood up slowly. "No need to fear me," he told Tahli. "I don't blame ye for bein' careful. That's wise. But I think ye need a little help, and I can give it. Ye're but children, and I surely don't hurt children." write on line write on line write on line

3. ". . .this here's a Cherokee gal, and I aim to find out if there ain't a bounty on her, an' where ye turn them in. Keep her in food and water, locked up good, till I find out." write on line write on line write on line Return to Previous Page

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