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Franklin Delano Roosevelt
by Russell Freedman

What We Think We Know

All you have to do is look through some magazines or watch the television news to notice how much people enjoy testing their knowledge. The little quiz below is based on questions asked in recent public opinion polls. It also covers information you'll discover in Franklin Delano Roosevelt. See what you know now and then read the book to check your answers.


________ 1. During World War II, all the people in Europe who wanted to leave there were welcome as immigrants to the United States.
________ 2. No Japanese American citizen was ever found guilty of spying for Japan, a country the U.S. fought during World War II.
________ 3. The Civil War ended discrimination against African Americans in this country.
________ 4. Franklin Roosevelt never fully recovered from the polio that struck him as a young man.
________ 5. The Bill of Rights, Amendments 1-10 of the Constitution, states that a President can serve only two terms.

Check your answers after you have finished reading the book. Did you have to change any of them?
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