Houghton Mifflin Social Studies
Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 12, Lesson 3, War on the Home Front (pp. 355-359)

I. Crisis of Wartime Leadership

II. Draft Sends Youth to War

    A. Over half of the troops on both sides were 25 years old or younger.

    B. Boys of 10 or 12 served as drummer boys, carried gunpowder or flags, and marched with the fighting troops on both sides.

III. War Creates New Roles for Women

    A. During the war, thousands of women supported themselves and their families while their husbands were away fighting.

    B. Many jobs which had been for men only before the war were opened to women during the war.

    C. Women also worked in munitions factories, as army and navy cooks, laundresses, or nurses, as spies, and disguised as men, as soldiers.

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