Grade 8
A Closer Look
  The Battle of the Alamo
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Relive the fierce siege against the Alamo by visiting these Internet sites.

Remember the Alamo
Experience the "13 days of glory" as brave Texans defend the Alamo against a powerful Mexican army. This site offers a chronological walk-through of the battle, as well as information on James Bowie, Davy Crockett, and William Travis.

Remember the Alamo!
This unique Internet site focuses on how the urban landscape has developed and changed around the Alamo historical site. You can find a brief history of the Alamo and photographs of the landmark and nearby structures.

The Second Flying Company of Alamo de Parras
Explore "the untold story of the Alamo's early history" at this site. You can learn about the Alamo when it was the Mission San Antonio de Valero and discover the mission's role in the colonization of Texas by Anglos. This site provides photographs, descriptions of events, and biographies that bring the complete history of the Alamo to life.

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library
This historical research library contains a wealth of informaiton on the Battle of the Alamo and Texas' struggle for independence from Mexico. You can use the The Alamo: An Illustrated Chronology to learn about the Alamo before, during, and after the Texas' revolution.


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